Powdered & Nano Brows

Cosmetic Digital Hair Tattooing

Is the newest technology to SPMU and is our chosen method for powder brows, combination and hair stroke brows. This is not microblading its the next generation of Brows.

Here at Polished Beauty Bar we feel the results of using a cosmetic tattooing machine with semi-permanent pigments (organic and vegan friendly) provides better results with less trauma to the skin and is less painful than the previous popular microblading technique. It lasts double the time of traditional microblading (generally up to 3 years), then clients thave a colour boost between 12-18 months to keep the colour fresh.

Powdered & Nano Brows is a revolution in eyebrow architecture….. it’s all about creating the best shape for each face – a totally bespoke approach for each client. It follows a natural eyebrow hair stroke pattern in terms of hair direction, movement and growth patterns.

Please note: At present we do not offer SPMU removal so anyone with existing tattooed/microbladed brows they must be at least 70% faded for us to treat you, we welcome photos or pop by for a consultation before paying. 

Consultation • £10

During your consultation, we will discuss any concerns you may have, your options and the desired overall look you want to achieve. We will shape your brow and remove unwanted hairs; we will also apply a small patch test for colour and allergens testing. You will be required to complete a health questionnaire and it’s your chance to ask any questions. This needs to be completed one week prior to your appointment.

Choose from 3 brow styles:

Powdered Brows • £150

A shading technique designed to create a soft powder effect which is similar to powder make-up.

Nano Combination Brows • £150

Hair-like strokes concentrated to the front of the brow with ombre shading towards the ends.

Nano Brows • £150

Hair-like strokes/spot shading, in your existing brows to create a fuller natural brow.

Our Pricing

The total price of our Nano Brows treatment is £160. This includes your consultation, procedure, aftercare, and the 6-week colour top-up. We kindly ask for a non-refundable consultation fee of £10. Paying by instalments is available on request – please ask for details.

What You Can Expect

The treatment time will vary between 2-3 hours depending.

All eyebrows will appear darker on initial completion, however once healed will soften and lighten to its desired colour. The fading during the healing phase will be about 15 – 40% depending on the skin type.

Pre and Post Care

During your consultation, you will be provided an aftercare guide.

All brow and SPMU treatments have similar healing and aftercare the healing process.


Powdered & Nano brows are considered complete after 6 weeks, after which a top-up is required. This will be booked at your consultation stage and cannot be moved.

Colour Boost

Our technicians will always advise you best on what colour boost is necessary. Semi-permanent makeup is a work in progress. We build the brow with you and we will always advise honestly and fairly when you will need your next colour boost, bearing in mind respecting your skin and the overall required look.

It is a journey that we do on your skin and skin is variable. Our technicians are highly qualified professionals, who will always advise you best based on their expertise, experience and skills. They will get you booked in for any necessary colour boosts needed before you leave your last appointment.

Additionally, please do not worry, all your details are kept on our database as a reference, so we will always be able to check back and advise you on timings and procedures when needed.

12 Months • £200
15 Months • £220
18 Months • £250

Brow Correction/Removal

Brow SPMU removal by salt saline solution will be coming soon.

Please do not book this if you have existing old SPMU brows.

Lip Blush

Coming soon